I have an exciting new thing to launch today: The Politics in Polite Company Podcast!

Coming from a background in broadcast journalism, I love exploring different forms of media because I think of those as different tools in an artist’s toolbox.  Sometimes video tells a story best. Sometimes an issue is best explained by way of a print story.

Lately, I’ve been really intrigued by the podcast format as a way to facilitate discussion.

Perhaps it is because I spent a lot of time on the Metro now, I listen and enjoy listening to a lot of podcasts. For me, it feels like having a seat at a table for a discussion among friends. There have been subjects I have haven’t written about yet here because I feel like a podcast might be a better way of conveying those stories.

So here I am launching a podcast to go with this blog. For my first podcast, I called home to my friend Elizabeth Arnold who runs the Per Aspera podcast and also was one of the women working with the Stand Up Blue Valley movement which helped bring back a more moderate legislature in Topeka.

A note: Though my podcast says “Politics in Polite Company” this is a podcasts for adults so there is adult language in this episode and may be in future episodes. Just a warning.

Without further ado, here is the first episode: A Message from Kansans from the Future.


Also, It’s on Soundcloud now but I’m going to try and see if I can get it on iTunes.

Stay tuned for an update on that.

Happy listening!

Edit: I forgot to add in the graphic that Elizabeth is discussing in the podcast. Here it is




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