Politics in Polite Company Podcast: ACA 101

This week on the podcast:  I welcome Sheldon Weisgrau, the Director of the Health Reform Resource Project—an organization founded 6 years ago to advocate for patients in Kansas as the country started enacting the Affordable Care Act.

I’ve been wanting to write about the successes and weaknesses of the ACA (often referred to as Obamacare) for some time now. However, the law is rather complex and I was worried I might get some of it wrong. I certainly heard from many of you wanting me to look into this issue especially how the lack of Medicaid expansion in some states may have crippled the law.

Thankfully, a friend put me in touch with Weisgrau to help answer some of my questions. I hope this “ACA 101” Podcast will help you gain some clarity on the ACA so you can evaluate what is happening in Congress right now. Also, we had a great discussion about how the ACA impacts rural communities especially rural hospitals. Hope you’ll find that enlightening as well!

Sheldon has a blog here and you can follow him on Twitter @ACAResource.

Finally, I’m still working to get this up on iTunes. I hope you’ll be patient with me but here is the Soundcloud!

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