Still pinching myself that this happened, but last night the Kansas Legislature overrode Governor Sam Brownback’s veto ending his key legislation: income tax cuts. It’s been a tough few years as, month after month, Kansas’ revenue has fallen short of economic projections. Each year, the legislature has scrambled to fund the Constitution’s priority, education, while scraping money from highway and retirement funds. It’s pretty incredible that the Republican majority legislature took this action, but also a very good step to get the state back on track and make sure Kansas kids get a great education.

The red alert: The architect of the Kansas cuts is one of the economists crafting the Republican plan nationally. This should give the rest of the country hope—see this tweet from Kansan Sarah Smarsh, who writes about the working class.

Meanwhile, it’s been a heck of a 24 hours for news. Here’s what else I’ve read since my last post:

President Trump reportedly will tweet during former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony tomorrow. Because, why not? He also reportedly has a speech tomorrow.

Reports swirled last night that Attorney General Jeff Sessions offered to resign over tension between him and the president. The president reportedly did not accept that resignation.

Remember the crisis I was describing yesterday between Qatar and its neighbors? CNN is reporting it may have been triggered by a fake news story planted on a state-run media site. The U.S. has reportedly traced it to Russia. Something to watch.

Meanwhile, President Trump was tweeting about his opposition to Qatar, which is concerning since we have a military base there. This tweetstorm from Buzzfeed’s Emma Loop about when reporters told Corker is worth your time.

As is the video of his reaction:

Another day, yet another story on the Trump administration’s recruiting problem.

Buzzfeed has a rather sad story called “The Kids are Alt-Right” about kids imitating President Trump’s rhetoric to bully classmates.

Forbes is reporting that Trump reportedly “shifted kids-cancer charity money into his business.”

Trump also reportedly pitched building a wall with solar panels.

I can’t believe this is so far down on my list, but Politico has this story about the 27 words Trump deleted from his NATO speech that his national security staff thought were in the speech.

Politico also has a story on Nikki Haley being the lone human rights voice in the administration.

Betsy DeVos testified before Congress yesterday on her proposed changes to Student Loans.

This will be interesting. Knight First Amendment Center is demanding Trump unblock people on Twitter.

Finally, I thought this was interesting—should cities have their own foreign policy?


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