Breaking news: There is terribly sad news coming out of D.C.  today of a gunman opening fire on the Republican Congressional softball practice. I don’t want people to think I’m ignoring this horrible tragedy which is not far from my home. My heart sank when I turned on the news this morning. I’m going to urge caution with initial information coming out of this, however, I think we all should take a moment to pray for the victims.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, and I have to confess, I missed a lot of it because I was in class for much of the day.

If you, too, missed the hearing then I have good news for you. It doesn’t sound like we missed much.

The questioning fell on party lines. Sessions mostly qualified his answers with “as far as I recall” and flat out refused to answer some questions on the dubious claim that Trump could exert executive privilege later.

Politico has some analysis of the hearing, as well as a transcript, if you’d like to explore more.

“Who runs the world” award: The one exchange I did see was of California Senator Kamala Harris, whose questioning is so fierce she keeps getting interrupted.  Today she has earned my “who runs the world” award.

Preet Bharara: ProPublica reported that Trump’s personal attorney was bragging he got former U.S. Attorney of New York Preet Bharara fired.

Mueller investigation: The New York Times writes today that special counsel Robert Mueller is safe… for now. (By the way, there was some fine propaganda from Newt Gingrich on the morning shows yesterday.)

Health care bill: Apparently, Trump himself called the health care bill being crafted in secret “mean.” Meanwhile, Bloomberg has this report that half the money raised on crowdfunding platforms is for medical expenses.

Hallway interviews: And speaking of lack of transparency and things that make me sad, NBC’s Kasie Hunt tweeted out yesterday that the Senate Rules Committee was barring interviews in the hallway. You can read her full “tweet coverage” of it here.

By yesterday evening they had reversed the rule and everything was reportedly back to normal.

Emoluments: 196 Congressional Democrats have reportedly signed onto a lawsuit which would sue President Trump over emolument clause violations. This comes a day after the Maryland and D.C. Attorneys General filed suit.

International News

North Korea: I can’t stop thinking about this story regarding Virginia student Otto Warmbier coming home in a coma from North Korea.

Regional Politics

Kansas politics: Iraq War veteran Joe McConnell decided yesterday to drop out of the Kansas 3rd District race. This comes a day after Leawood attorney Andrea Ramsey announced her candidacy. Bryan Lowry has the full story in The Kansas City Star.

Apologizes for the abbreviated post today—I’m juggling a few things this week and won’t be posting tomorrow. I plan to be back Thursday. See you then!


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