PPDB June 26, 2017: Health care and more

The report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, which will evaluate the impact of the Senate’s health care bill, could come out as early as today. That CBO score should give us a better idea of exactly how many people might lose insurance, how much premiums might rise for working Americans under this plan, and the impact on those covered by Medicaid.

There are reportedly five GOP holdouts on the bill including staunch ObamaCare opponent Ron Johnson from Wisconsin. (Those of you from Kansas: Sen. Jerry Moran is reportedly “on the fence.”)

The New York Times is reporting that the Koch brothers support the GOP health care bill and are threatening to pull support from GOP members who do not vote for it. Yet, there are other articles stating they oppose it because it does not go far enough.

Finally, you should read this tweet storm from a woman whose son had some very expensive health problems. It’s really powerful.

Elsewhere in the U.S.

In other D.C. news, there is a lot of speculation about whether Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire from the Supreme Court.

This story about the mailman being the new “drug dealer” by The Wall Street Journal is very interesting.

In some countries (cough… Russia… cough), one of the ways political leaders censor the media is by having their friends buy media outlets that challenge their policies. That is something to keep in mind while reading this story about the owner of the National Enquirer.


The Washington Post is reporting Jared Kushner’s firm received a $285 million dollar loan from Deutsche Bank just before the election. Here is why that is significant.

The Associated Press is reporting that Trump is pushing for a bilateral meeting with Putin while Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. is reportedly being called back home.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers can’t be happy about this morning’s presidential tweet storm:

Comic relief: Stephen Colbert went on Russian TV to announce his possible 2020 run for the presidency and ask for help from Russia.

Elsewhere in the World

The U.K. Parliament was hit by a cyberattack/hack over the weekend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and French President Emmanuel Macron made a video trolling Trump.

Global Politico reports Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger is taking on his party over the Russia sanctions.

From the BBC: A judge in Madrid has ordered the exhumation of artist Salvador Dali’s body in a paternity suit.


Residential McClatchy (which owns The Kansas City Star) has a piece on Jason Kander’s political future.

An Announcement:

On a final note: Politics in Polite Company is about to become international. I’ve been offered a fellowship in Germany to study the transatlantic relationship between the U.S. and Germany for the next year. (Heck of a time for that, eh?)

I plan to continue to write about politics and even throw in some perspective from Germany over the next year. However, I would love some help to keep this site up and running.

If you or someone you know might be interested in writing a first-person narrative about how politics or policy is affecting their life—or if you know someone who loves to read the news a lot and share what they’re reading –please contact me!

Meanwhile, a scheduling note — my plan is initially to have updates published on Mondays and Fridays. On Monday — I’ll look at the week ahead. On Friday — I’ll recap the week. We’ll add in pieces as news warrants, but that’s when you can expect to find a new update.

See you Friday!


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