PPDB: The Tweet Stops Here

The biggest story overnight should be The Wall Street Journal’s scoop that a “GOP Operative Sought Clinton Emails From Hackers, Implied a Connection to Flynn.”

Yet, talk continues regarding President Donald Trump’s deplorable comments about “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski. She and Joe Scarborough are out with a very measured (and I think appropriate) op-ed in The Washington Post responding to the president’s attacks entitled “Donald Trump is not well.”

I know there are those who say, “This is no surprise. Let’s move on to health care.” But I respectfully disagree. This is an online attack against a woman delivered from the highest office — that of the President of the United States. That office is supposed to fight to protect human rights and the dignity of all. There are clearly people who are horrified by this behavior, yet continue to enable it. It should be embarrassing for all Americans—whether you are a Democrat or Republican.

GOP strategist Ana Navarro and former McCain spokeswoman Nicole Wallace, two women who I respect greatly, both have takes that are worth your time. Strong men only respond to strong responses and the American people — especially their politicians — should respond forcefully that this sort of personal attack and language is not fitting of the person who represents us all.

Other National News

Health Care: The Washington Post has this analysis about why American exceptionalism is especially bad in terms of health care. Spoiler: The rest of the industrialized world doesn’t understand why the U.S. would not provide for what they consider a basic human right.

This op-ed is popular right now: “I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about other people.”

Politico has a good piece on how the GOP turned against Medicaid over the years. And the Associated Press has a rather entertaining “fact check” on what politicians have been saying about the health care debate.

Podcast Suggestion: I missed this podcast last year, but Sam Stein’s Candidate Confessional is back. It interviews losing campaigns about different moments in the campaign. I listened to the episode with Bernie Sanders fundraisers and it is rather entertaining.

Voter Database: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is in charge of the alleged “voter fraud commission” and sent a letter to state secretaries of state asking for them to turn over a database complete with social security numbers. This, of course, concerned voting rights advocates like Jason Kander.

I’m a transparency and open records advocate — but strongly against this. Most of the information he is asking for is public record that any citizen could file a sunshine request and obtain. The inclusion of social security numbers, however, is a huge privacy concern. With transparency, we always have to balance the public’s right to know while making sure we’re not revealing personal information that could be used to harm someone. Perhaps by preventing people from voting?

I can’t remember ever providing my social security number to register to vote — so I don’t know that the state would have that information to provide. However, the public should be able to opt out. I bet that the ACLU or another group will file suit — but we will see.

By the way — this Reuters article about Facebook refusing to disclose political advertisers is also rather concerning.

Travel Ban that’s not a ban: Finally, Business Insider has a story about how Sally Yates learned about the travel ban.

International News

Tillerson: Quite the story in Politico about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson losing his cool regarding not getting his aides approved and needing to take orders from Jared Kushner. There’s also this op-ed from a former state department employee about how the State Department is being dismantled. (I had no idea he had canceled the incoming class of foreign service officers. That seems very unwise.)

It’s no secret in Washington that the top floor of the State Department is a ghost town right now. This should be very concerning to those of us who would prefer diplomacy to resolve international conflict over war.

The G20 Hamburg: The G20 — or the meeting of the 20 largest economies in the world — will happen in Hamburg on July 7. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is already building alliances to take on Trump over climate change and trade issues. Trump reportedly will meet with Putin.

Meanwhile, Germany has told the bodyguards for Turkish President Recep Erdogan, who roughed up Kurdish protestors in Washington, to stay away from Hamburg.

Macron: French President Emmanuel Macron has invited President Trump to Bastille Day celebrations. Trump has reportedly accepted.

Local News

I meant to share this story earlier, but here’s a great piece about teacher pay in rural Kansas that is worthy of your time.

PPDB note: I’ll be traveling over the weekend so Monday’s wrap-up may turn into Tuesday’s wrap up — depending on my access to the internet. Have a happy weekend!


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