There’s an oft-repeated Midwestern proverb:

A lady never speaks about money, politics or religion in polite company. 

This website seeks to break that Midwest social taboo.

I spent 15 years as a local television news reporter, then worked in civil society as an advocate for open, transparent and accountable government. I’m currently working to finish my Master’s degree in International Media at American University and decided to launch this website as a place to bridge the divide between the Midwest and Washington. I hope to use this site to discuss some of the important current political issues affecting our world.  I’d like to make this one small space where “polite company” can talk about the issues facing our communities in a constructive way, free from the “my team won, your team lost” mentality that frames much of the current political coverage.

It may be next to delusional to believe on the internet people can be kind and have fruitful discussions. But heck–let’s give it a try.